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2023 - What's important to you?

| December 23, 2022

What is important to you for 2023?


At this time of year, we may have the opportunity to reflect on the past year.  Many of us may have had the “List of Things to Do”.  Unfortunately, we may not have accomplished everything on that list.


Well, it maybe that time of year again to contemplate – what is important for the new year 2023.  For some of us it could be losing weight, eating better, improving our health, spending more time with our loved ones or possibly a million other goals. 


In order to help accomplish those goals here might be a couple of ideas:

  • Write your goals down. If you write them down, you can always revisit the list as a way to stay on course.
  • Make realistic goals. If for example your goal is to run a community 5K but you have not run since grade school, maybe you start by walking a mile and then two and then three and along the way maybe you start jogging until you achieve your goal.  Should you get off the couch and decide to run a marathon and stop after a block, throw up your hands and say I can’t do this and go back to the couch, maybe running wasn’t the issue, maybe your goals were not realistic.  It’s usually better to start slow and build upon success.  Success breeds success.


Should one or more of your goals be generating more income, creating a legacy, protecting your investments or simply just trying to become more educated on financial matters, give me a call at 630-235-5273 or email me at and we can schedule a time to discuss your goals and develop strategies that just might help you achieve your goals.


Merry Christmas & Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year!